§ 1 The name and corporate identity

Refuse wall 802509-4536



§ 2 Founder Refuse wall

Refuse wall was founded by Maria Ergül 2017 in Västerås.



§ 3 Seat

Refuse wall has its registered office in Västerås, Västmanland, Sweden.



§ 4 Purpose and Objectives

Refuse wall is an independent, national, non-profit fundraising non-profit organization.

The organization will work to create forums, inform, educate, inspire debate and work to combat fatigue. Refuse Collection Fund wall want their work to help create transparency of fatigue so that people dare to seek help in time, and through it help to reduce levels of sick leave.

The association is aimed at people of all ages, regardless of background, gender and sexual orientation. The association will actively work to counter all forms of discrimination.


The association’s revenues will go to

  • Financial support to individuals diagnosed with exhaustion. The purpose of the funding is to provide an opportunity for individualized rehabilitation with the aim to shorten the period of sick leave and that therefore urgently create the conditions for a return to work after illness.
  • Financial support for research on fatigue.



§ Composition 5

The association is made up of natural persons who are entered in the association as members.



§ 6 Refuse wall trademark

Refuse Collection Fund wall brand must never directly or indirectly associated, marketed or used in connection with a subject that may adversely affect the relationship with the association’s purpose.



§ 7 making body

The association’s decision-making body is the annual meeting, extra annual meeting and board.



§ 8 Company Drawing

Association signatory of the person or the board appoints.



§ 9 Financing

Refuse Collection Fund wall will operate with funds obtained through voluntary donations, financial contributions of both companies and individuals, membership fees, as well as partnerships with the business community and individuals. These funds, together with the return on them, the then nascent administration costs have been covered, used for collecting purposes of the Fund.



§ 10 Board

The Board consists of the chairman and other members. Board size, composition and mandate decided by the annual meeting. Retiring members before expiry enters deputy on his behalf under the same scheme for the period until the next annual meeting. The founder of the Collection Fund Refuse wall Maria Ergül is an honorary member of the Board.

The Board meets when convened by the chairman, or if at least half of the members request it. The Board constitutes a quorum when all members were called and when at least half of the members are present. For every decision, at least half of all board members agree on the decision. A tie has the casting vote. Voting should not be done by proxy. In urgent cases, the President may decide that the matter should be decided by written ballot or by telephone meeting. If special protocol is made, such a decision reported at the next subsequent meeting. At the meeting shall be recorded. Minutes shall be adjusted by the meeting chairman and by a specially appointed to verify the minutes. Dissenting opinions shall be recorded in the minutes.

The Board may delegate its decision-making authority in individual cases or in certain categories of cases to the section, committee or other organization or individual member or employee. Whoever made the decision with the authorization shall regularly inform the Board accordingly.



§ 11 Directors Duties

The board is the association’s governing body and is responsible for the association’s interests and concerns in the context of its statutes and established business plan. The association shall safeguard members’ interests.


The Board is particularly;

  •  the effect of the annual meeting decisions
  •  manage the association’s financial affairs and in addition allowing to keep accounts
  •  the annual meeting submit the annual report for the last completed fiscal year
  •  to establish the annual meeting draft budget for the coming fiscal year
  • work closely with Refuse wall Secretary General, who is ultimately responsible in the operational work of the collection fund Refuse wall.
  • decide to reject the application for membership and exclusion of a member
  • adding auditors
  • prepare Annual Meeting



§ 12 Employment in the wall Refuse

The Board appoints Collection Fund Refuse wall Secretary General. In addition, a 2/3 of the votes. The founder of the Collection Fund Refuse wall Maria Ergül will of the Board in writing to demand the appointment of the Secretary General, Maria Ergül entitled to vote on the issue of appointment of the Secretary General. The employment of other staff in the Collection Fund Refuse wall decided by the incumbent Secretary General.







§ 13

The association’s operational and financial year is the calendar year



§ 14

The association’s administration and accounts shall be audited by a chartered accountant appointed by the Board. The auditor’s mandate may be terminated if he or demand by the board. The Board will then appoint a new auditor in the avgångnes place.








§ 15 Stadgetolkning

Arises doubt about the interpretation of these statutes, or if the event occurs that is not foreseen in the Constitution, referred the matter to the next annual meeting. In urgent cases, the issue decided by the Board.



§ 16 Arbitration

The action in the dispute between the member and the association may not be sued in the civil courts. Such dispute shall, except in cases where other special arrangements are prescribed, settled under the Arbitration Act. However, the following shall apply concerning the arbitration costs: Each party is responsible for its own costs and the costs of the arbitrator appointment. The costs of the chairman and the secretary, shared equally between the parties.



§ 17 statutes

Changes or additions to the statutes can only be decided by the annual meeting. The amendment of these statutes require decisions at two consecutive meetings, with at least one month apart, one of which should be the annual meeting, with at least 2/3 of the votes cast.

Draft amendment or addition to these bylaws can only be handled at the annual meeting of the submitted to the Board in writing no later than one month before the annual meeting.





Dissolving the compound



§ 18

Dissolution of the Collection Fund Refuse wall requires a decision by at least 2/3 of the votes. In deciding on the dissolution of the Collection Fund Refuse wall, its remaining assets remitted to the Board of Directors selected compound in an appropriate manner conducive to field exhaustion. Association documents etc. must be filed at the place of the board decided.





Association members



§ 19 Membership

Association is open to all natural persons. Members must follow the Collection Fund Refuse wall statutes and regulations. When the membership fee is paid, the person up and inserted into the list of members. The Board has the right to appoint the person an honorary member. The board must approve all membership.



§ 20 Withdrawal

Members who wish to withdraw from the Collection Fund Refuse wall, be this in writing to the Board and is thus immediately leaving the association. Members who have not paid dues within three months is deemed to have requested his resignation from the association. Membership ceases in that case by the person removed from the membership list.



§ 21 Exclusion member

Member may not be excluded from the Collection Fund Refuse wall for any other reason than that he has neglected to pay the Collection Fund Refuse wall resolved fees, opposed the association’s activities or purposes, or obviously damaged the Collection Fund Refuse wall interests. Decisions on expulsion or warning may not be made without the member within a certain time, at least 14 days, given the opportunity to comment on the circumstances that led to the membership into question. In the decision, the reasons for this is reported and stated what the member shall exercise the appeal. The decision shall within three days from the date of the decision in writing to the person concerned. The decision taken by the Board.



§ 22 Members rights and obligations


  • have the right to participate in meetings organized for members
  • have a right to information about the affairs of the association
  • shall follow the Collection Fund Refuse wall statutes and decisions of association bodies
  • is not entitled to part of the compound or property balance in dissolving the compound
  • shall pay the membership fee within three months of the request for admission and any other fees as determined by the Association








§ 23 Time, vocation

The annual meeting, which is the highest decision-making body, will be held before the end of March, the time and place fixed by the Board. Notice of the Annual Meeting shall be submitted by the board, or the board designee no later than three weeks before the meeting’s implementation. Have suggestions brought about changes in the statutes, the closure or merger of the Association with another association or another issue of significant importance for the association and its members must be stated in the notice. Business and management reports, auditors’ reports, business plan with the budget and the Board’s proposals and motions filed with the Board’s opinion will be available to members at least one week before the annual meeting. The notice shall state where these documents are available.



24 § Proposal for motions to be treated of Annual Meeting

Both members of the Board may make any proposals that addressed the annual meeting. Proposals from member must reach the Board not later than four weeks before the annual meeting. The Board shall submit to the annual meeting submit a written opinion on the proposal.



§ 25 Voting and expression and right at the annual meeting proposal

Members who have paid membership fees and 18 years old before the meeting. The right to vote is personal and may not be exercised by proxy. Members who do not have voting rights of expression and right to make proposals at the meeting.



§ 26 Quorum

The meeting is a quorum with the number of voting members present at the meeting.



§ 27 Decision and vote

Decisions are taken by acclamation (acclamation), or if requested after the vote (voting).

With the exception of the decisions of the statutes and dissolution of the Fund Refuse Collection wall as determined by the Board, decided all questions by a simple majority. A simple majority can be either absolute or relative. Selection is determined by relative majority. With relative majority meant that (those) who received the highest number of votes are elected (chosen) regardless of how those votes are related to the number of votes cast. For decisions on matters other than the election requires an absolute majority, which means more than half of the votes cast. Voting is open. If voting member so requires, elections take place end. In voting not related to election comes at a tied vote the proposal by the Chairman at the meeting, if the President is entitled to vote. Is the chairman not voting be decided by lot. In choosing to be in the event of a tie, determined by drawing lots. The decision confirmed the hammer.



§ 28 Eligibility

Eligible for the Board and the Nomination Committee is voting member of the association. General Secretary of the Collection Fund may be elected to the Board of servants of the Association may not be elected as member of the Board of Directors, the Nomination Committee and the auditor of the association.



§ 29 cases at the Annual Meeting

At the annual meeting, the following shall be treated and recorded:

  1.  Determination of the voting list for the meeting (who has the right to vote).
  2.  Election of chairman and secretary for the meeting.
  3.  Selection of the minutes and vote counters.
  4.  Ask if the meeting has been called correctly.
  5.  Approval of the agenda.
  6.  Presentation of the Board’s business and management report (balance sheet and income statement) for the last financial year, the auditors’ report for the same time.
  7.  The discharge of the Board for the period audited.
  8. Determination of membership fees.
  9. Determining the business plan and the treatment of the budget for the coming operations and financial.
  10. Treatment of the Board’s proposals (bills) and in time the proposals received from the members (motions).
  11. Choice of

    • the association’s president.
    • administrativt- and financially responsible to the Board
    • of other deputies.
    • auditor
    • of members of the Committee
  12. Any other issues reported under item 5. Resolutions on matters of greater financial or other critical importance of the association or its members can not be made if it were not included in the notice convening the meeting.

    Nothing beyond that contained in the notice must be addressed and resolved at the annual meeting.
  13. Other questions
  14. The meeting closing




§ 30 Additional Annual Meeting

Board members may call an extraordinary annual meeting. The Board of Directors is obliged to convene an extraordinary annual meeting as an accountant or at least 75% of the association’s voting members request it. Such request shall be in writing and include the reasons for the request.

When the board has received a request for a special meeting shall, within 14 days declare such a meeting to be held within two months from the received request.
Notice of the draft agenda for the special meeting shall be given to members at least seven days prior to the meeting on the wall Refuse website. At the special meeting, only that which led to the meeting admitted to treatment. If the vote at the special meeting and the quorum for such a meeting, the provisions of § Quorum and Voting rights and freedom of expression and the right to make proposals at the annual meeting.






§ 31 Composition and duties

The Nominating Committee meets when the Chairman or at least half of the members so decide. The Nomination Committee no later than six weeks before the annual meeting to ask them whose term of office expires at the conclusion of the meeting, if they want to be a candidate for the next term of office no later than two weeks before the annual meeting, the Nominating Committee shall notify the members entitled to vote his proposal.








§ 32 Audit

The auditors have the right to regularly take part in the association’s accounts, årsmötes- and board minutes and other documents. The auditor shall not participate regularly at the board meeting. The auditors shall be independent of those they have to examine. The association’s accounts shall be the auditors no later than one month before the annual meeting. The auditors shall review the board’s administration and accounts for the most recent operational and financial year and the Board submit the audit report 14 days before the annual meeting.