Refuse the wall is a stand-alone, nationwide, non-profit fundraising organization. The association is aimed at people of all ages regardless of background, sex and sexual orientation. Our mission is to combat fatigue in society. We do this, for example, by creating meeting places, training and raising opinions. We want to base our work on best available evidence-based knowledge and will therefore contribute financially to research. Our attitude is that all people have the right to individually adapted rehabilitation and therefore we are giving out financial scholarships to individuals diagnosed with exhaustion to prepare for recovery.

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Swedes sickened in fatigue disease

We refuse the wall

Isabel Bolternstern

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To me it was a matter of course to become an ambassador to Weighing the Wall because I needed more tools before and during my illness. Refuse The wall assists with this – information, support, community and a concrete plan how we can help more people avoid fatigue, but also get rid of it. I want to be involved in changing society, healthcare and how we look at fatigue and stress.” author=”” occupation=”” layout=”modern” italic=””]

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Do you have someone in your presence who you suspect to be exhausted or have already met the wall? Supporting a person suffering from fatigue is difficult and can feel like a snowy forest without end, but at the same time it is also vital for the victim. Learn more about how to support and what assistance is available.